In Memory of cindy


It is with deepest regret and sorrow that we inform our clients that Dr. Cindy Geisler passed away on 8/5/16, at UW Medical Center in Seattle, after suffering a massive stroke.
Dr. Cindy, who in April developed deep thrombosis (blood clots) on her leg, had been fighting the prospect of pulmonary embolism with her usual optimism and grace. But last week a CT scan showed that little clots had indeed detached from the leg and lodged in her lungs. This caused hypertension in the lungs, and that in turn caused the reopening of a fetal communication we have in the heart (foramen ovale). This hole allowed the clots to shoot into her brain.
In spite of all our medical advances and the efforts of neurovascular surgeons, we lost her.
 Our grieving MercyVet family will miss dear Dr. Cindy so much. She was loved by all, coworkers, clients, pets. Bernese mountain dogs everywhere will miss her.
 Cindy is survived by her husband of 37 years, Mark Darrach, and her beloved Colima. Cindy had just turned 57 years old.
 Condolences sent to MercyVet will be forward to her family. 
A message from Cindy's husband, Mark, with information on Cindy's Memorial Services as follows:
Dear Friends: Please post this far and wide. With the sad passing of my wife and celebrated holistic veterinarian Cindy Geisler last Friday I am now getting her “dog wake” memorial organized. The ceremony will be held on Sunday the 25th of September at The Pavilion at Port Gamble, Washington from 2PM until 6PM.

It is my intention to have as many friends as possible come and celebrate a remarkable life ended far too soon. In addition to her many friends across the country and internationally I am of course extending the welcome to dogs as well. The vision has always been to have dogs attend, but, in particular, to focus on dogs that she worked with over the years. I think having animals involved is a powerful and important reminder of her legacy. I expect a horde of Bernese Mountain Dogs to join in, Doberman’s, Airedales and everything in between - bring ample dog treats please; there are extensive grounds in Port Gamble for walking you companions, but they will need to be leashed and kept out of the numerous gardens. Normally the place where we are holding the ceremony does not allow dogs at all - they were willing to make a notable exception in this case. It should be a beautiful time to share stories, memories, tears, photographs, and to catch-up with friends.

The event will be catered with light fare such as homemade breads, punch, fresh vegetables and such. If you have questions or wish to contact me I can be reached at 360-204-0233 or via email corydalis_mark[at] For those not on Facebook feel free to pass on word to those whom you feel would like to know. Please send any noteworthy photos you may have and would like to include to my email. I look forward to seeing you as we give Cindy one last beautiful send-off.
— Mark Darrach

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